Demo Center

The "PhotonHub Demo Centre: Adaptive Optics Technologies for Industrial Applications" course, organized by the National Council of Research of Italy Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnology in collaboration with Dynamic Optics srl, offers a unique opportunity for experimental training with the latest adaptive optics technologies.

Important Details

Course Overview

Tunable optical components play a significant role in various optical instruments, ranging from simple zoom and focusing lenses to more complex deformable optics crucial for enhancing the performance of telescopes, microscopes, and lasers.

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to adaptive optics technologies, covering available wavefront modulators such as deformable mirrors and deformable lenses, as well as wavefront sensors and control systems.

Participants will have a unique opportunity for hands-on experimental training with cutting-edge technologies. The course will not only cover theoretical aspects but also delve into practical techniques used across different applications, including microscopy, atmospheric turbulence correction, optical communication, and wavefront metrology.

Training will be conducted by industry experts, with Dr. Stefano Bonora serving as Course Director, alongside qualified personnel from Dynamic Optics srl and PhD students specializing in adaptive optics. 

Course Activities

The course will be divided into three groups, each engaging in parallel experimental activities lasting approximately 2 hours each. This division will allow participants to enjoy a comprehensive experience, providing the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills in various areas of adaptive optics technology.

During the course, participants will be divided into three groups, each dedicated to one of the following activities: 


The workshop is organised by the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology of Padova. The course will be held in CNR didactic laboratory.