This Workshop is the tenth in a series, with earlier ones held in:

1997 Shatura (Russia)
1999 Durham (UK)
2001 Albuquerque (USA)
2003 Munster (Germany)
2005 Beijing (China)
2007 Galway (Ireland)
2009 Shatura (Russia)
2011 Murcia (Spain)
2013 Cape Town (South Africa)

The subjects of the workshop include, but are not restricted to:

Wavefront sensing
Wavefront correction devices
MEMS mirrors, Liquid crystal SLMs
New technologies for correctors
Control systems and strategies
Complete adaptive optics systems
Image sharpening
Varifocus and other novel lens technologies
Applications of adaptive optics
Microscopy, lasers, communications, vision science,
New areas
Special session on recent commercial products

All participants are encouraged to present their work as either a poster or an oral presentation, and all participants are expected to contribute to the discussion of each paper. The spirit of the meeting is for open discussion and interchange of ideas.

We strongly encourage participation from industry and small companies. There will be the opportunity to display products and/or literature and a special session of the workshop wil be devoted to recent commercial products.