The conference offers a one day School on the first day of the workshop, Monday 15th June.  The School will offer tutorial lectures by international experts on topics related to the workshop.  The lectures will be pitched at a level suitable for students and researchers who are new to the field and wish to learn the basics in a short space of time.  The topics to be covered will include:
1. Introductory lectures on the core technology
(i) Basics of AOs and adaptive control
(ii) Basics of deformable mirrors
(iii) Basics of wavefront sensing
(iV) Basics of liquid crystals and their use in AOs
2. Introductory lectures on applications in medicine and health
(i) Adaptive Optics in Vision
(ii) Biomedical imaging with Adaptive Optics
(iii) Adaptive Optics in microscopy
3. Introductory lectures on current state-of-the-art AO systems
(i) Turn-key AO systems
(ii) Adaptive Optics ultrahigh power lasers
(iii) Adaptive Optics in high precision materials processing
(iV) Beam control with Adaptive Optics
(V) Adaptive Lenses
(Vi) Metrology
(Vii) Adaptive Optics for ultrafast lasers 

4. Laboratory activity