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The Centre for Vision in the Developing World is just beginning a two year project to make and deliver one million pairs of self-refraction eyeglasses to be worn by teenagers in the developing world. The work will include some clinical studies of self-refraction, and some further development of the centre's existing self-refraction eyeglasses. If this sort of work interests you, please send me an email, and I can tell you more about what we are planning . Joshua Silver



The International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine provides scientists and engineers from both industry and academia with opportunities to explore recent developments, current practices and future trends in adaptive optics and related fields. The workshop will run from 15th-19th June 2015. An introductory short course on adaptive optics will be given.

The workshop is organised by the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology of Padova which is part of the National Council of Research of Italy. The conference will be based in the Padova city Hall located in the historic downtown of Padova.

The city is picturesque, with a dense network of arcaded streets opening into large communal piazze, and many bridges crossing the various branches of the Bacchiglione, which once surrounded the ancient walls like a moat.

Padova can be best accessed internationally via Venice airport.

Topics will include:

Wavefront sensing
Wavefront correction devices
Control systems and strategies
Complete adaptive optics systems
Image sharpening
Applications of adaptive optics
Microscopy, lasers, communications, vision science
Special session on commercial products

Conference chair:
Stefano Bonora (CNR-IFN, Padova, Italy)

International Organising Committee:
Pablo Artal (Murcia), Chris Dainty (London), 
Andrew Forbes (Pretoria),Alexis Kudryashov (Moscow),
Gordon Love (Durham), Sergio Restaino (Washington), 
Ulrich Wittrock (Münster)

Local Committee:

Sandra Perazin, Cinzia Di Celmo, Gianluca Rossi